Allergies are a considerable public health problem due to the increased diffusion observed in the last few years and the broad range of diseases affecting different body systems such as respiratory, digestive and cutaneous systems. It is known that mast cells and basophil cells have a key role in these allergic diseases because they can induce inflammation through degranulation process and consequently the release of histamine and inflammation mediators.

A recent clinical trial, published in International Immunopharmacology, showed that oral administration of PANTESCAL® (a blend of Capparis spinosa, Olea europaea, Ribes nigrum and Panax ginseng extracts) can be an effective natural support for treatments of mild allergic diseases induced by environmental and food factors. It is thought that PANTESCAL® is able to stabilize basophil and mast cell membranes through a reduction of their sensitivity to allergens and an improvement in allergic symptoms (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, itching and others).


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