PANTESCAL® is the innovative ingredient developed by BIONAP research to enhance physiological defences against allergic processes induced by environmental and food allergens. PANTESCAL® is a synergistic blend of different extracts obtained from caper buds (Capparis spinosa), olive leaves (Olea europaea), blackcurrant leaves (Ribes nigrum) and ginseng roots (Panax ginseng) (1-4).


Clinical results show that PANTESCAL® supplementation can improve natural defences against allergies, especially in subjects affected by environmental and food allergens. It can inhibit allergen induced degranulation processes in mast cells and basophils by enhancement of cell membrane stabilization and it leads to a significant reduction of histamine and inflammatory mediators release.


PANTESCAL® can be used in dietary supplements (capsules, tablets, granules, sachets) and functional foods designed to increase physiological defence in allergic subjects.


Beneficial effects of PANTESCAL® in the prevention and management of allergic diseases were evaluated in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial published in International Immunopharmacology (4). In this study, the effects of PANTESCAL® supplementation were monitored in 60 allergic subjects by two diagnostic assays: CAST (cellular antigen stimulationtest) and FAST (flowcytometric cellular antigen stimulation test). These assays can evaluate the expression of sulphidoleukotrienes (SLT), important inflammatory mediators produced and released by basophils and mast cells, and the exposure in cell surface of the CD63, a protein closely related to basophil degranulation. The results obtained showed that the inhibition of SLT release was lower compared to inhibition of CD63 expression (Fig.1). These findings allow the authors to hypothesize a cell membrane stabilization as the main potential mechanism to explain the observed PANTESCAL® protective effects against allergy biomarkers.

Fig.1 Inhibitory effect of PANTESCAL® at different supplementation times on basophil CD63 expression and SLT release induced by allergens exposure.

1. Trombetta D, et al., Antiallergic and antihistaminic effect of two extracts of Capparis spinosa L. flowering buds. Phytoter Res 19:29-33 (2005).
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