BERGAVIT®, a new ingredient developed by BIONAP, is a powder obtained by extracting the main flavonoids contained in bergamot juice. According to legend, Christopher Columbus took this fruit from the Hispanic town of Berga (hence the origin of the name “bergamot”) and it arrived in Italy at the end of fifteenth century where it found the best growing conditions in a narrow strip of coast in Calabria (Italy). Even now bergamot juice is used in folk medicine in these regions to support healthy plasmatic lipid levels.


BERGAVIT® can benefit cardiovascular health by promoting a normal plasmatic lipid pattern, improving the HDL/LDL ratio and sdLDL profile.


BERGAVIT® can be used in dietary supplements and functional foods (powder or liquid) as an adjuvant in keeping healthy plasmatic lipid levels.


In the last years, several in vivo and clinical trials have proven the beneficial effects of bergamot flavonoids intake in keeping healthy lipid levels (1-4). Results obtained in these studies showed that bergamot flavonoids are able to reduce and control plasmatic “bad lipid” levels (total cholesterol, LDL and tryglicerides) and to increase “good” HDL levels. Recently, BERGAVIT® effects on CVDs (Cardiovascular Disease) Risk factors were evaluated in a new clinical trial on 80 subjects treated with150 mg of bergamot juice flavonoids (from BERGAVIT® ingredient), once a day for 6 months (4). In this study, biochemical analyses of plasmatic lipid pattern by the Food and Drug Administration-approved diagnostic tool for lipoprotein subfranction testing and eco-color-Doppler examination of carotid arteries (cIMT) were carried out on each subjects. Results showed that BERGAVIT® supplementation was able to reduce the cIMT of 25% and significantly improve the atherogenic lipid pattern through the decrease of dangerous small dense LDL (up to 67%, red area) and the increase of large LDL (up to 20%, yellow area) (see Fig 1).

Fig.1 Modification of lipoprotein profile (sdLDL) before and after 6 months of BERGAVIT® supplementation.

1. Miceli N, et al., Hypolipidemic Effects of Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau Juice in Rats Fed a Hypercholesterolemic Diet. J Agric Food Chem 55: 10671–10677 (2007).

2. Trovato A, et al., Citrus bergamia Risso & Poiteau Juice Protects against Renal Injury of Diet-induced Hypercholesterolemia in Rats. Phytother Res 24: 514–519 (2010).

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4. Toth et al. Bergamot Reduces Plasma Lipids, Atherogenic Small Dense LDL and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Subjects with Moderate Hypercholesterolemia: a 6 Months Prospective Study Front Pharmacol 6:299 (2016).

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