Acne and premature hair loss (alopecia) are considered common unpleasant and unfair skin–related disorders which might occur throughout each individual’s life. Whether occurring either over limited time periods or throughout the entire lifespan, acne and alopecia cause significant psychological and social conditioning in the affected subjects.
ACTRISAVETM is a blend of Oryza sativa (L.) and Opuntia ficus indica (L.) extracts which acts from inside against acne and alopecia skin disorders. Cactus flowers are traditionally used in folk medicine as a source of active flavonoids and black rice is recognized for its strong antioxidant compounds.


The well-known antioxidant effect of anthocyanins contained in black rice used in combination with the hormonal balancing effect of cactus flower flavonoids (isorhamnetin and derivatives) can produce a synergistic protective effect in sebocytes and hair dermal papilla cells against the alterations involved in acne and alopecia (1-PCT/IB2015/ 051621).


ACTRISAVETM can be used in dietary supplements (capsules, tablets, granules or sachets) and functional foods (solid or instantaneous drinks) for the prevention and management of acne and alopecia skin disorders.


Acne and alopecia are common dermatological disorders with multifactorial pathogenesis mainly related to genetic and hormonal mechanisms. However, recent experimental evidence has supported the hypothesis that other factors (especially oxidative stress) play an important role in the pathophysiology of these skin disorders (2,3). In more detail, radicals can attack membrane lipids and induce their peroxidation, resulting in cell damage and dysfunctions (4,5). ACTRISAVETM contains Oryza sativa and Opuntia flower extracts which act in a synergistic way against acne and alopecia by strengthening antioxidant cell defense and protection against unbalanced hormonal effects (1). In fact, a strict correlation between the free radical scavenger and the antiandrogenic activities has already been observed in herbal extracts (4). Experimental studies using in vitro models have proven that ACTRISAVETM is able to promote hair growth by inducing a significant increase in proliferation of dermal papilla cells of human hair follicules (Fig.1). Moreover, it counteracts effects induced by testosterone treatment in human facial sebocytes of skin (Fig .1).

The combination of the antioxidant effect with the 5-α-reductase inhibition results in the synergistic protective effects of the black rice and Opuntia extract blend against the biological mechanisms implicated in acne and alopecia skin disorders in scalp and cutaneous cells.

Fig. 1 Cell viability % vs control (not treated) of DPcell line (Dermal Papilla cells of human hair follicles) and SZ95 cell line (human facial sebocytes) treated with Opuntia flower extract and Oryza sativa extract alone and their ACTRISAVETM combination.


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