Women's genital area is a complex and sensitive zone that needs particular attentions to guarantee the effective defense against the occurrence of infections. A good hygiene is the best protection, that is very important when the body is exposed to germs or when it enters promiscuous environments (gym, swimming pool). Vaginal mucosae is colonized by lactobacilli (bacteria) that produce lactic acid, maintains a slight acidity level, creating an ideal defense against the infections. During the menstrual cycle, menstrual remains can promote the onset of irritations or infections. During menopausa the irritation and dryness are due to the reduction of mucus production.
BIONAP suggests MUCOSAVE® CG, an ingredient to develop formulations for personal hygiene. The lenitive action of olive polyphenols and mucoadhesive and protective action of Opuntia polysaccharides, make MUCOSAVE ® CG the ideal ingredient for daily care of genital mucosae or for the supportive treatment of inflammatory conditions (candidiasis, vulvovaginitis, etc.).


Daily attentions to oral cavity regards the hygiene, whereas usually people forget to take care of oral mucosae. Oral mucosa is a place that is easily prone to inflammatory conditions, wounds and infections. Furthermore, oral mucosa is in a humid and warm environment, so wounds-healing is quite long. The most frequent types of wounds are aphthous stomatitis, commonly known as aphtae.
These epithelial wounds are characterized by an intensely painful symptomatology which take between 10-15 days to heal. They can be found on cheeks, palate and on labial mucosae. Common remedies for aphtae use hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient for its repairing activity and because it forms a barrier on the wound that avoids contact with food, saliva and external agents.
MUCOSAVE® CG a “hyaluronic acid-like" ingredient, that is completaly natural and combines the re-epithelialization activity of Opuntia polysaccharides with the lenitive and soothing effects of olive biophenols. This not only acts on the wounds but also on the painful symptomatology of aphtae.

Hemorrhoids and anal rhagades are two functional and anatomic alterations of rectal and anal area that can strongly affect people’s quality of life.

Hemorrhoids are a dilation of hemorrhoidal plexus caused by an increase of venous pressure of rectal and anal vessels, due to constipation, excessive weightlifting or pregnancy. The main signs of this conditions are bleeding, pain and anal itch.

Anal rhagades are wounds of anal edge which can induce, in the early phase, small complaints such as itch and bleeding, whereas, in the advanced phase, cause intense pains, expecially after defecation.

Etiology is still unknown. The wound can be caused by difficult defecation or by mechanical agents that provoke anal wounds.

MUCOSAVE® CG can be helpful in both conditions. MUCOSAVE® CG is a totally natural ingredient made up of Opuntia polysaccharides and olive biophenols, strongly effective as supportive treatment for hemorrhoids and anal rhagades. It makes a barrier on the mucosa that protects by irritant substances contained in faeces or introduced with food or, moreover, producted by intestines. Moreover, MUCOSAVE® CG is able to promote the repairing of mucosal epithelium and exert a lenitive action thanks to olive biophenols. “Patented”

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