Pomegranate is a small tree cultivated for its fruits, which have been consumed worldwide for thousands of years. Its seeds were believed to have resurrecting powers by the Babylonians, to grant invincibility in the battle by the Persians and to symbolize longevity and immortality by the Chinese. The seeds, normally waste products from pomegranate processing, are of great interest because the oil obtained from the cold pressing has a particular composition. Pomegranate oil has many different properties which make it ideal for personal care products.

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Pomegranate oil has a high content of tocopherols, phytosterols and punicic acid that is an omega-5 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid, which has a strong lenitive action. This makes the oil suitable for sensitive skin. The oil stimulates keratinocyte proliferation, promoting the regeneration of epidermis and helps to reverse skin damage, giving a youthful aspect. According to a published study, Pomegranate oil has a strong antioxidant activity close to that of BHA and green tea. The antioxidants increase blood circulation of the scalp, promoting oxygenation and nourishment of hair. Pomegranate oil is effective in reducing the harmful effects of UVB-mediated skin damage and also has high absorbance in the UVA and UVB ranges, which means that it can act as a SPF booster. Pomegranate oil is able to inhibit the UVB-induced MMPs, slowing down the onset of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Furthermore, it protects skin and hair from environmental oxidative damage, helping to maintain the scalp of subjects with dandruff problems clean. Other hair benefits are the ability to make dry and opaque hair more shiny, disentangle hair and maintain a hydrated scalp. The oil is ideal for the cosmetic treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema.

APPEARANCE AND SENSORIALITY: Pomegranate oil has a light amber color and fruity smell. It is a dry oil, which is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue.


  • Antiaging products for young and mature skin.
  • Sensitive skin products
  • SPF booster
  • Hair care products
  • Products for skin inflammatory conditions
Recommended dose: 0,5 -5%
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