A perennial herb, also known as apple mint, with woody rhizome, erect stem ascending, rough leaves, ovate or sub rotonde on the underside. It smells slightly minty, sweet but decisive. This herb was often found growing in the ruins of old monasteries. The monks considered it as a way to refresh the brain and used it for curing epileptic fits. Greeks used apple mint to clean their banqueting tables and also added it to their baths to rejuvenate their bodies. Moreover, it was traditionally used as antiseptic, febrifuge , anti-fermentative, digestive, analgesic, carminative . The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering parts.

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Several studies report that Mentha suaveolens essential oil shows a remarkable activity towards Candida A. thanks to the presence of piperitone oxide, the main constituent of this Sicilian variety. In particular, the oil alters the structure of the cell membrane of the yeast. This feature makes the oil ideal for formulations aimed at intimate hygiene. Moreover, the oil counteracts the redox processes of Herpes Simplex 1, and consequently, it can be used in cosmetic formulations to protect lips.



  • Intimate care
  • Skin care
  • Lip care
Recommended dose: 0,01 ñ 0,3%

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