Citrus reticulata plant belongs to the Rutaceae family. The tree produces a particular fruit called mandarin, whose pulp is made up of several slices which are full of juice. This citrus specie comes from tropical area in Asia. It thinks, that the name is related to the clothes that Mandarins, governors of China, wear. The cultivation was introduced in Europe in the 19th century. The essential oil can obtained by cold pressing or steam distillation (Peratoner variety) of the peel.

1) Palazzolo E. et al., Current and Potential Use of Citrus Essential Oils. Current organic chemistry, 2013,17,3042-3049


As other citrus species, Citrus reticulata oil has tyrosinase-inhibitor activity and can be used in skin whitening products. This oil promotes keratinocytes proliferation and, as a result, helps to ameliorate signs of acne, scars and stretch marks. It also owns a soothing effect that is useful for reducing redness. Furthermore, like other citrus essential oil, mandarin oil has a purifying and sebum normalizing activities that make it suitable for oily-prone skin. Mandarin oil improves blood and lymphatic circulation, then it can be used for products aimed at counteracting the orange peel appearance of the skin.Citrus reticulata essential oil can be used as a fragrance component in toiletries.



  • Skin whitening
  • Cosmeceutical treatment of acne
  • Oily and acne- prone skin products
  • Cellulite
  • Skin care
  • Toiletries
Recommended dose: 0,1 – 1%

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