Pistacia lentiscus is a native species of the central and eastern Mediterranean basin. Commonly known as "mastic tree", since the mastic resin was harvested from trunk and barks in the past. In Sicily it has a large habitat, common in areas near woodlands and together with other species, (wild olive tree, myrtle, rosemary and many more) it defines a typical flora of rocky slopes specially on calcareous soil. Its fruits have always been employed by native people to produce an edible oil used in cooking instead of olive oil. Moreover, the oil has been employed for cuts, warts, burns and wound healing.Lentisco oil is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds.

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In traditional medicine, Lentisco oil is effective for burn wound healing, reducing the epithelization period. This oil has good antioxidant properties, that, according to a published study, are related to the extraction method (cold pressing) and to the phenolic content. The unsaponifiable fraction contains tocopherols, plant sterols and phenolic compounds. Plant sterols and fatty acids are able to reduce trans epidermal water loss and, consequently, increase skin hydration. Moreover, phytosterols have a remarkable anti-inflammatory activity and counteract photoaging damages related to cutaneous inflammations.

APPEARANCE AND SENSORIALITY: Lentisco oil has a green color and a typical odor. It leaves skin smooth and nourished .


  • Skin repair
  • HAnti-aging products
  • Hair care
  • Cosmeceutical treatment of skin inflammatory conditions
Recommended dose: 0,5 -5%

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