Among the different species of Thymus, the genus Thymus Capitatus (Coridothymus capitatus) is the most represented. It is a perennial, herbaceous shrub, growing at different altitude, from 0 to 1000 m above sea level, in the arid and rocky areas. Traditionally, plants of genus Thymus are used in culinary preparations, folk medicine, perfumery and as spasmolytic, antiseptic and expectorant. Thymus capitatus essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering parts.

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Thymus capitatus essential oil contains a high amount of carvacrol (min.70%), which is a phenolic monoterpenoid and an isomer of thymol, that is a typical constituent of the essential oil of several Labiatae plants. Carvacrol is a strong antibacterial agent acting on the membrane of different pathogens. The phytocomplex has a large spectrum as antimicrobic and acts also against mycosis. In the Aromatic Index (an indication of the antimicrobial activity of essential oils) Coridothymus Capitatus is the first with an index of 0,873/1).



  • Recurrent cutaneous mycoses
  • Intimate hygiene
  • Bacterial folliculitis
  • Onychomycosis
Recommended dose: 0,1 ñ 0,9%

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