Several epidemiologic studies have shown that death rates for heart problems (heart-attacks, atherosclerosis, etc) are lower in population that have moderate consumption of red wine. It has scientifically proven that all the red wine polyphenols are able to prevent and protect the cardiovascular system.

BIONAP, thanks to its specific manufacturing technologies, transfers the whole polyphenolic mixture contained in grape juice to VITIS BIOCOMPLEX M, an ingredient developed to formulate nutraceuticals and/or functional foods for cardiovascular disease prevention.


High levels of lipids in blood (cholesterol) can constitute a relevant risk factor for cardiovascular disease development. Hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia are currently treated with specific drugs, such as statins, that often can cause serious side effects. A new approach to dyslipidemia and its diseases considers the use of natural ingredients.

BIONAP has recently developed BERGAVIT®, an extract of flavonoids obtained from bergamot juice, able to control mild and moderate hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia. A recent clinical trial showed that oral administration of a flavonoidic extract obtained from bergamot juice can positively affect blood lipid levels.

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