SKIN SAVE® is a blend of herbal extracts from Opuntia ficus indica (cladodes), Capparis spinosa (buds) and Olea europaea (leaves). It can be successfully used in topical supportive treatments of contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, skin inflammatory processes and itching.


The healthy effects of SKIN SAVE® on sensitive skin are attributed to the threefold action of its active components:

- polysaccharides from Opuntia ficus indica that have wound-healing and immunostimulant activities;

- olive biophenols which induce a soothing and lenitive skin effect;

- flavonoids from Capparis spinosa with desensitizing effects.

Thanks to these actions, SKIN SAVE® is effective in inhibiting skin damages induced by excessive sun exposure, heat burns, radiotherapy, insect and jellyfish stings.


SKIN SAVE® can be applied to the skin using different cosmetic formulations (cream, gel, foam, etc.) and medical devices.

Recommended usage concentration: 2-3% (w/w) in 4-6 pH range


Each extract contained in SKIN SAVE® has shown to possess a considerable biological profile in several scientific studies carried out by different research groups (1-4). It is well known that Capparis spinosa flavonoids, when topically applied, have a marked inhibitory effect against histamine-induced skin erythema, whereas important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities are attributed to olive biophenols. Moreover, Opuntia ficus indica polysaccharides are traditionally used in many countries for the treatment of skin diseases and modern phytochemical and pharmacological investigations proved that they possess a wound healing activity in large and full-thickness wounds by accelerating the re-epithelialization. Recently, protective effect of SKIN SAVE® on skin was evaluated by a clinical study carried out on women undergoing a planned set of radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery for which it was needful a regime of careful precautions for possible related skin diseases (5). In comparison with the commercial product, SKIN SAVE® topical application was significantly more effective in preventing or reducing acute skin reactions (Fig.1).

Fig.1 Trends of erythema index (ΔE.I.) vs time (weeks) for subjects not treated (control), treated with a commercial product and treated with a formulation containing SKIN SAVE®.


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