A new and fast growing trend in cosmetic regards the use of beauty benefits from food. Beauty supplements are becoming increasingly used, especially in the Asian market. Consumers are demanding skin care products more and more natural and safe without parabens, petrolatum and other ingredients perceived as unsafe so, beauty supplements could be a good compromise. Not only juices, tablets or pills, but typically foods, such as chocolate bars, jellies, can be use as a supportive treatment to several skin conditions. Nutricosmetics can be very useful expecially for those ingredients that are unstable in the common cosmetic formulations.


BIONAP follows the market trend and designed ACTRISAVE®, a new ingredient aimed to counteract skin disorder related to the enzyme 5α- reductase like acne and alopecia. ACTRISAVE® is a blend of two extracts, Opuntia ficus indica (flowers) and Oryza sativa, which work in a synergetic way. They, in fact, join the antioxidant and the antiandrogenic activities, to promote hair growth and reduce the signs of acne. RED ORANGE COMPLEX® is the bench mark product of BIONAP. In a recent study it has been demonstrated that RED ORANGE COMPLEX® oral supplementation is able to counteract skin hyperpigmentation of solar lentigo induced by repeated UV exposure and to improve the homogeneity of skin tanning. MOROSIL® is an extract from Moro orange juice which allows to manage the weight gain thanks to the high level of flavonoids.


Our idea is to link the benefits of outside treatment with those from inside. The results will be better and quicker. Our proposals regard the management of the cellulite, skin photo-aging and acne.


The increased attention to the body appearance leads to act on different directions: from inside and outside. BIONAP proposes FLAVOSLIM to counteract the orange peel looking of skin and MOROSIL® to manage the weight because is able to affect adipocyte metabolism.


OLEA-HT 10 is the ingredient designed to counteract the signs of photo-aging from outside. Its strong antioxidant activity allows to reduce the inflammation related to an excessive solar exposure. RED ORANGE COMPLEX® acts internally, giving an important contribute against photo-aging signs.


Acne is a skin condition mainly due to inflammatory causes and hormonal disorders. This condition has a great impact on the suffering subjects. The combination of ACTRISAVE® and SKIN SAVE® can help in a remarkable way to the management of this common skin disorder.

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